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Eli Merhy







Certified Personal Trainer in Madrid

Entrenador Personal en Madrid

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Everyone is unique – that's why it's called personal training. Your program will be structured to give you the results you want.

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Personal Training

A very customised and personalised workout plan to fit and match your lifestyle and your goals! You want to lose...
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Group Workouts

Working out with a group is more than a workout! It’s a fun, social, interactive way to get in shape, and...
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Please note results may vary for individual clients

  • 12834440_1726079124282128_160969855_n
    Already after a month with 3 lessons per week I  see results - increased muscles, reduced fat, improved posture. In addition to being very professional, precise and nice, Eli is always very careful in personalizing the exercises taking account of my "likes" and my osteoarticular problems. Marco
  • parsons
    Funny guy!  He will help you lose weight, if that's what you need (over 10kg in my case), help you build strength, improve stamina and increase self confidence. He has a very professional approach to fitness classes, all balanced with his particular mix of funny anecdotes. An inspiration! Graham Parsons
  • 11029908_1631444610412247_1778464216753047438_n
    Eli es el mejor entrenador personal que me he encontrado. el es divertido, cálido, accesible, exigente riguroso y realmente sabe mucho. usted simplemente no puede hacerlo mejor! Vanessa Paniagua
  • 11700969_794510894002711_8706244070018742881_o
    Eli is the most creative, innovative personal trainer I ever met. Could adapt fitness programs to fit my busy schedule. He transformed my body within a matter of 3 months. Not only that, but he is the friendliest and most fun person to train with, makes training super fun, I highly recommend the Eli experience. Youssef Abu Bakr
  • 10897918_10152653480372050_6830525976137049907_n
    I am the kind of person who hates to be pushed and doing the same stereo type of work outs butEli is one of those trainers who makes you work hard without you realizing the benefits of it all.  He is kind of a mixture of the “tough” and "easy-going".He makes you work your whole being—physically & emotionally. He makes the 1 hour session feel like it’s over without you realizing. Sunita Gujadhur
  • 171736_1874679983751_223918_o
    Eli started with an evaluation of my physical state, very gently and slowly putting me to harder sets of training. He knows what he is doing and makes the workout enjoyable. After 3 months I lost a lot of weight and felt very good. After 9 months my body has changed, My back doesn't  hurt and I have a lot of mobility. Now I love to workout. Guillermo Blanco
  • 11054414_10206270531741024_1313701878975254079_n
    5 stars!  The best and most funny trainer! Getting in shape while having fun. Peter Verhees